Alexandre Kasproviez

Alexandre Kasproviez

French (b. 1995)

  • Oil on canvas

artist presentation

Alexandre Kasproviez' work offers a reinterpretation of history as we know it. The protagonists in his paintings embody homosexuality in a way that transcends the barriers of time and convention. They claim their place in the narrative of humanity, asserting the presence of the LGBTQIA+ community and reminding us of the crucial importance of not hiding it, not feeling ashamed, and not succumbing to prejudice.

Kasproviez invites us to celebrate diversity and inclusion by declaring that love and difference are forces that have always existed, even if they have often been downplayed or erased in the annals of history. By blurring his canvases, Alexandre highlights history's persistent tendency to underestimate the impact and influence of the LGBTQIA+ community. He deliberately seeks to blur the lines of time to remind everyone that these stories, these lives, and these struggles have always been there, in the background, patiently waiting to be recognized and celebrated.