Rodrigo de Brujas

Rodrigo de Brujas

Spanish (b. 1993)

  • Watercolour on paper

artist presentation

RODRIGO DE BRUJAS is a painter mostly interested in the themes of queerness and nature. Painting for him is an escape, a space for meditation, a moment to think and reflect. A common characteristic in his work is the use of bold, bright colors. Drawing is fundamental to his practice, as it allows him great freedom and flexibility, guiding him in the early stages of his creative process.

Watercolour and oil painting are his preferred techniques, while the former has a more fresh, direct and instinctive nature to it, the latter allows de Brujas to take his time, to slowly construct the painting and be able to go back and forth at any time. His influences are mostly from the modernist period, such as Matisse, Picasso, Cocteau and Tsarouchis.

His work often revolves around queerness, masculinity, history, mythology and nature, with a special interest in the similar ways in which the LGBTQIA+ community and nature are abused and oppressed today.