Rodrigo de Brujas

Rodrigo de Brujas

Spanish (b. 1993)

  • Watercolour on paper

artist presentation

Rodrigo de Brujas is an artist who finds inspiration in the themes of queerness and nature. For him, painting is not only an escape but also a space for meditation, providing moments of deep thought and reflection. One striking characteristic of his work is the bold and vibrant use of colors, which infuse his creations with energy and dynamism.

Drawing plays a fundamental role in de Brujas' artistic practice, offering him freedom and flexibility during the initial stages of his creative process. Watercolor and oil painting are his preferred techniques. While watercolor allows for a fresh and instinctive approach, oil painting grants him the luxury of time, enabling a meticulous construction of the work with the freedom to revisit and refine as needed.

Influenced by modernist masters like Matisse, Picasso, Cocteau, and Tsarouchis, de Brujas explores queerness, masculinity, history, mythology, and the intricate relationship between the LGBTQIA+ community and nature. His work sheds light on the shared experiences of abuse and oppression faced by both in contemporary society.