Alexandre Kasproviez

Alexandre Kasproviez

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08.11.2023 | 23.11.2023
11AM to 6PM

Exhibition Text:

In this solo exhibition by Alexandre Kasproviez, entitled 'At The Ocean's Edge', EDJI Gallery is delighted to present twenty new paintings from the artist's latest series of works.

Alexandre's artistic vision is deeply rooted in the tapestry of his life experiences, oscillating between the idyllic landscapes of the Island of La Réunion where he grew up, adorned with palm trees and picturesque beaches, and the bustling urban landscapes of New York City, Paris, and Madrid. This inherent duality weaves its way through his work, breathing life into his artistic expressions. In his latest series, Alexandre initiates a conversation, eloquently capturing the resonating power of the ocean and juxtaposing it with the array of emotions within every individual. The ocean, with its rhythmic waves and constant change, serves as a metaphor for impermanence and the flow of life. Nature, like our minds, is never static but ever changing, evolving, and adapting.

The deliberate ambiguity of his compositions compels viewers to engage actively, inviting them to interpret and complete the narrative as they see fit. This immersive experience empowers viewers to construct their unique perspectives. Each colour in Alexandre's paintings tells a story, and each shade conveys a nuanced emotion. Together, they converge to create a palette that mirrors the intricacies of our inner minds. His works are stripped of excess, manifesting in predominantly monochromatic canvases. This reductionism, a deliberate move towards simplicity, serves as a means to encapsulate the very essence of his subjects.