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Rue du Page 15, 1050 Bruxelles
Tuesday to Saturday

21.02.2024 | 23.03.2024
12AM to 6PM


EDJI Gallery is pleased to present its first group show of the year, featuring works by: Kayoon Anderson (UK - Korea), Nicolas Coleman (US - Switzerland), Ileana Magoda (Mexico), Grace Tobin (US - UK) & Ping Zheng (China).

The term "sanctuary" carries many meanings, encompassing everything from the spiritual sanctity of a place of worship to the refuge offered by wildlife reserves. At its core, a sanctuary is a haven, not only in the physical sense but also in emotional or mental realms. Someone might find sanctuary in nature, art, or personal spaces that offer solace and peace.

For many, this sanctuary is embodied by their own home, a space that becomes a direct reflection of their unique personality. It's adorned with objects that might seem ordinary to others but hold deep personal significance. Alternatively, it may reside within one's mind, a refuge from the demands of the external world, nurtured by the limitless power of imagination. And finally, one might find refuge within the embrace of a cherished person.

The beauty of these diverse sanctuaries is that they evolve and adapt over time, growing in tandem with the individual's journey through life. In this diversity, we find the richness of human experience, where the sanctuary is not a fixed destination but a dynamic reflection of our innermost self (desires & hopes.)

This exhibition aims to bring together a group of artists to bring to life their own haven. More than just portraying the diverse and captivating aspects of their domestic spaces, the artworks will also serve as a window into the artists' inner landscapes, making "Sanctuaries" a multifaceted and introspective showcase.

Exhibition Details