Annabel Faustin

Annabel Faustin

French (b.1989)

artist presentation

Annabel Faustin was born in Toulon, South of France, in 1989. After graduating from École Estienne in 2013, Annabel worked as a designer for luxury brands for several years. Feeling out of place in this fast-paced industry, Annabel felt compelled to carve out a tranquil space for herself. This led her to paint sleeping characters, creating a sanctuary of calmness and introspection. Over time, her art evolved into a vibrant and joyous daydream that stretches across each canvas.

Annabel's work unfolds like a modern tale, inviting viewers into her mystical universe. With vibrant hues of blue and orange, she immerses us in an otherworldly experience. Her paintings seek to convey the state of grace embodied by her female figures in harmony with nature. By contemplating her art, we are reminded to turn our gaze to the sky instead of our smartphones, embracing a sense of wonder and reconnecting with the world around us. Annabel Faustin's art offers a timeless escape and an invitation to rediscover the beauty of our natural surroundings.

Her artworks