David Weishaar

David Weishaar

(French; b.1987)

artist presentation

David Weishaar graduated from the University of Strasbourg (2009) and the ECAL-Ecole Cantonale d’Arts et de Design de Lausanne (2013). Favouring the portrait genre as his main means of expression, David Weishaar chooses his models from among people with whom he has a strong relationship, either of friendship or of admiration for their activism or commitment. In short, it is a matter of group, of entourage, of chosen family.

So he takes his characters into nocturnal worlds referenced from fantasy, mainstream, vampire or witch stories. These dreamlike and symbolic environments are conducive to the exploration of bodies, genders and desires. Through his pictorial work, David Weishaar attempts to deconstruct and make visible the relationship to plural identities.