Iris Marchand

Iris Marchand

French (b.1989)

artist presentation

Iris Marchand was born in 1989 and currently lives and works in Marseille, France.

Marchand’s practice delves into the realms of abstract figuration. She often utilises earthy mediums that exude a certain rawness and are deliberately devoid of excessive processing. Cardboards, drapes, paper or ceramics often make up the main substrate of her works.

Fascinated by the sculptural properties of gesso, a mainstay in her paintings, Marchand’s works depict landscapes, faces, bodies, and bones with bold gestural lines that accentuate corporeal shapes.

Marchand’s three-dimensional exploration extends to ceramics, where small mosaic portraits and bone-like relics contribute to a cosmic choreography within each exhibition space she navigates.

Her artworks