Iris Marchand

Iris Marchand

(b.1989) France

artist presentation

Based in Marseille, Iris Marchand is a self-taught visual artist who finds her creative voice through the evocative medium of India ink. Her artistic practice revolves around concise and impactful strokes, bringing forth a sense of power and intensity. In her work, Marchand often incorporates reversed words, slogans, and bold backgrounds in solid red or blue, creating a striking visual language.

Marchand's creative process embraces spontaneity, eschewing excessive preparation. This approach allows her to capture the vibrancy of her thoughts with quick and intuitive execution. Through her art, she explores the interplay between words, emotions, and visual expression.

Beyond canvases, Marchand explores ceramics, crafting installations that blend chains and terracotta. Her work is a testament to her unwavering pursuit of freedom and transformation.

Her artworks