Kevin Sabo

Kevin Sabo

American (b. 1992)

  • Acrylic & graphite on canvas

artist presentation

Kevin Sabo graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from James Madison University in 2015. His paintings depict a fantasized colorful world populated by groups of people in drag. Elegantly standing on high heels, their tall bodies both curvy and muscular, are dressed for a hot afternoon. These flamboyant individuals are casually displayed on the canvas, caught on their way for leisure activities, as if the artist was playing with dolls. Through humor and delicacy, his art talks about queer identity.

The young artist defines his work with these words “My paintings are my drag. Colors and patterns are my joy, and jagged lines are my pain. Each time I enter the studio, I play dress up inside the compositions I invent. These busty babes know all my past secrets, and their pursed lips hold my untold future”.