Kevin Sabo

Kevin Sabo

American (b. 1992)

  • Acrylic & graphite on canvas

artist presentation

Kevin Sabo lives and works in Richmond, Virginia. With a BFA from James Madison University, Sabo's work explores themes of gender expression and queer fantasy. His art is strongly influenced by the cultural landscape of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Drawing inspiration from pop icons such as Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, and Lil' Kim, as well as contemporary drag performers, his paintings depict exaggerated, extravagant figures that embody the flamboyant spirit of drag. His characters blend humor and critique, aspiring to challenge societal norms and celebrate queer identity​ 

Sabo’s process is both spontaneous and meticulous, with his paintings evolving organically. His work tends to be a raw portrayal of glamour, sans polishing touches, and pushes the boundaries of what is organic versus what is extraneous. In his art, there’s flagrant flirtation, consensual exposure and above all, a derivation of power from the proscribed. 

Notable solo exhibitions include ‘Chrysalis’ at Unit London, ‘Fussy Fleur’ at Bim Bam Gallery, Paris; ‘Kimberly Pepperoni’s Closet’ at Kates-Ferri Projects, New York; and ‘Who Is She?’ at Schlomer Haus, San Francisco. He has also been exhibited at the Untitled Miami Art Fair and featured in publications such as Surface and Metal magazines.

Kevin Sabo’s work offers a colorful, unapologetic celebration of queer culture and identity. His paintings invite viewers to embrace diversity and authenticity, pushing the boundaries of conventional gender expression with wit, charm, and bold creativity.