Leonardo Guglielmi

Leonardo Guglielmi

Italian (b.1996)

  • Spray paint on canvas

artist presentation

Leonardo Guglielmi's artistic approach revolves around a deliberate rejection of traditional academic art rules and concepts. Through his work, he boldly challenges established norms by selecting unconventional subjects as the focal points of his pieces. Distorting and skewing their depictions, he intentionally breaks conventional codes, creating a captivating sense of dissonance. This style evokes a digital image on a laptop or phone that is struggling to load, adding a touch of contemporary relevance to his art.

Leonardo also incorporates modern and contemporary elements into his work. Selfies, fashion items, and tattoos find their place in his compositions, bridging the gap between tradition and present realities. Through this fusion, he initiates a dynamic conversation, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of society.

Leonardo Guglielmi's art serves as a testament to his commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering dialogues between tradition and contemporary life. His work invites viewers to question preconceived notions, challenging them to explore the intersection of past and present in the context of our evolving society.