Marguerite Piard

Marguerite Piard

(b.1996) France

artist presentation

In the intricate details of Marguerite Piard's paintings, one can discern the profound ambiguity that characterizes relationships among young women. Sunrays caress the skin, enveloped in a familiar silence, while the depicted figures convey both clumsy and tender gestures. Similar to Françoise Sagan's debut novel, Marguerite Piard weaves tales of love that intertwine with the bodies that populate her artwork.

Warm and humane hues stand in contrast to vast expanses of Mediterranean blues. With each brushstroke, Marguerite Piard transports the intimacy of emotions to the shores of her paintings. Through tight framings, the female figures are captured, simultaneously encapsulating and dispersing any definitive narrative. Within her canvases, tiny moments unfurl, miraculous instants suspended for eternity.

Her artworks