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Rue du Page 15, 1050 Bruxelles
Tuesday to Saturday

26.06.2024 | 26.07.2024
12AM to 6PM



EDJI Gallery is pleased to present Una Pausa Luminosa, a solo exhibition by Mexican artist Carlos Rodriguez. This exhibition marks Rodriguez's first solo presentation with EDJI Gallery and his debut solo show in Belgium.

Una Pausa Luminosa or A Luminous Pause serves as a metaphor for the Summer Solstice, that beguiling moment when the sun lingers at its zenith, bathing the world in the longest day of the year and signalling the arrival of summer. This season, replete with opportunities for reconnection with nature and appreciation of life's abundance, calls us to a meditative gratitude. It asks us to pause, reflect, and see through new eyes; to breathe, recuperate, and prepare for the future. In this exhibition, Rodriguez masterfully captures this essence of peaceful harmony, offering a poignant reflection on personal evolution and the rewards of patience.

With earthy tones and recurring motifs of sun-drenched lush, this series captures scenes of men engaging in rituals of harvest, embodying the patience, dedication, and resilience that Rodriguez has embraced as he explores the artisanal facets of his practice. The subjects of his paintings are strikingly large yet imbued with a lightness and flexibility that intrigue. They draw on Mayan mythology, which envisioned the first era of the world being inhabited by giants. Some figures are entwined with each other, others seem lost in thought, floating within rich landscapes of opulent green fields and shadowy groves.

Central to Rodriguez's oeuvre are recurring symbols: the snail, embodying resilience and patience; the sun, representing growth and joy; and the fruit, symbolizing the rewards of hard work and moments of communal appreciation. Rodriguez's approach to painting is hands-on and immersive, involving every aspect of creation from washing, cutting, and stretching his linen by hand, to preparing rabbit-skin glue and mixing his pigments. This meticulous process mirrors the patience required in tending an orchard, where each stage of growth demands careful attention.

Through the representation of slowly growing fruit trees, Rodriguez draws a direct parallel to the evolution of his practice. Just as months and years of hard work and dedication culminate in a bountiful harvest, so too does Rodriguez's artistic journey yield the works of Una Pausa Luminosa. This exhibition invites viewers to look beyond the surface beauty of his paintings and appreciate the laborious dedication behind them. It transforms the gallery into a meditative space, reflecting on the value of time, effort, and the beauty of the creative journey. Una Pausa Luminosa becomes Rodriguez's personal harvest, where his refined techniques and acquired knowledge offer a deep sense of accomplishment, inviting us all to savour the fruits of his labour.

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