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Rue du Page 15, 1050 Bruxelles
Tuesday to Saturday

15.11.2023 | 16.12.2023
12AM to 6PM


In this inaugural solo exhibition by the Chinese-born painter, Killion Huang, EDJI Gallery is delighted to present fourteen new paintings from the artist's latest series of works.

Entitled "Silhouetted Love," the exhibition offers an intimate glimpse into the artist’s life today and his experience within the queer and artists' community in New York City. It is a poignant celebration of the figures that dwell in the shadows of the artist's life - friends, lovers, and encounters who have left their indelible mark on him. Whether met in the vibrant backdrop of New York City during his studies or in his native China, where he currently resides, Huang honours the individuals who have significantly influenced his artistic journey.

Light and shadow assume a pivotal role in Killion's artistic practice. In his paintings, interior spaces undergo transformations under the characteristic arrangement of external light. This perpetual interplay between the external and internal realms, the emotional and the physical, the seen and the unseen, lies at the core of Killion's practice.

The show begins with ‘Crossing the Line,’ as Killion himself says, “Anytime I anticipate any form of emotional confrontation, I hide behind a curtain, shielding others from my ‘overwhelming’ side.” The artist then lifts up the curtain, allowing the viewer to discover his inner world.

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