Leonardo Guglielmi

Leonardo Guglielmi

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Rue du Page 15, 1050 Bruxelles
Tuesday to Saturday

07.09.2023 | 30.09.2023
12AM to 7PM


EDJI GALLERY is proud to announce its first solo exhibition with ultra-contemporary Italian artist Leonardo Guglielmi. Entitled 'Canvas Chronicles', this exhibition will mark the artist’s first solo show in Belgium and will present his newest body of works in which he seeks to reflect on his approach to art and tradition.

Leonardo Guglielmi was born and raised in the outskirts of Venice, Italy, where he underwent classical art education. Based now in Guangzhou, China, Leonardo’s work focuses on the refusal of taught art rules by bringing modern aspects of life into his work in an attempt to create a conversation between tradition and present realities that continue to evolve within society. 

The exhibition will serve as a reflection of Guglielmi's personal relationship with art. Growing up, he felt deeply empowered by old masterpieces, which played a pivotal role in his journey to becoming an artist. The artworks presented in 'Canvas Chronicles' seamlessly blend classical art references with contemporary elements, creating a visual dialogue which promises to be a celebration of artistic evolution and the profound impact of art on the artist's life.

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